The Heights Catering is a leading catering company that offers corporate catering services of the highest standard in Houston, TX. They are experienced & qualified to make your vision into reality.

The organizer of every corporate event wishes to add or create an exciting yet delicious food experience assembled with rich elegance, creativity, great ideas, and thoughts. You can have your trust on The Heights Catering for all your big or small corporate events or official celebrations. They offer their very best by providing exclusive yet customized breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even midnight snacks for Companies, offices, and in different industrial client locations. The Heights Catering strives to add grace and style to corporate and office party catering needs with their friendly, flexible approach. They have a modernized kitchen with the latest machinery & infrastructure, novel packaging materials, and innovative food handling to cater to their clients.

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The Heights Catering strives to serve exquisite food with impeccable service. They are specializing in providing world-class cuisine & quality corporate & office catering in Houston and surrounding areas. They are best known for their most suitable food & catering service of the highest possible standard for small or big corporate or official events. The Heights Catering works hard to please their corporate clients. They offer a delicious menu of items that cover the local food delicacies but other varied cuisines from around the globe. The highly qualified and trained food preparation & catering staff have the requisite experience and skill to deal with all corporate clientele. They are also known for their incomparable event management expertise!

“At The Heights Catering we often find, both new and existing clients get overwhelmed about what to do, and how to provide the best food to their guests or clients. Whether your company is planning for a gala corporate event or meeting, or you are planning your office celebration, we provide exclusive options & ways to simplify your catering needs. We also save you from extra expenses while doing it. In fact, we provide hundreds of delicious food options, that spans with numerous menus. If you feel it is tough to determine where to start then we can help you. We step ahead to share some simple but effective ways to manage your parties and please your clients. We understand the different types of catering and specialize in setting up customized service for breakfasts, lunches, evening tea or coffee and snacks, dinners and facilitating corporate party needs. Each corporate event we serve are completely different in term of of planning, pricing, and ordering or service procedures. Once you can narrow down to one of the corporate or office catering, we will help you with your menu choices, while saving you the time and money on the ordering. We provide delightful dishes along with certain add-on services such as arranging & serving for the corporate catering services. With our mouth-watering food, custom-made presentations, and attentive team, we will cherish the corporate party memories together!” Say a spokesperson for The Heights Catering.

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About the company

The Heights Catering is a leading catering company in Houston, and surrounding areas excels in catering to the needs of the corporate segment for all corporate events, office parties, and meetings. They believe that good food served pleasantly and good ambiance can bring harmony to the workplace.