The latest industry report for the hair extension market has added the most recent best hair extension method that has become the favorite of fashion freaks who are going gaga over the unique design and simplicity of these extensions.

Halo extensions are the best hair extension method for thin hair.  They allow you to add volume and length to your current locks without having to glue or attach anything to your own hair. This guarantees absolutely no chance of your hair being damaged.

Halo extensions can be blended to match every hair color or type. This method offers a simple and easy solution for lengthening or creating fuller looking hair. People have also found many other added benefits of this extension method including how well they blend with your own natural strands, and how easy it is to put on and take off. Reports have also found this extension type to last longer than other extension techniques. This means they will cost you less in the long run and do not require additional maintenance.

Aside from their low maintenance, they are also found to be light in weight and feel comfortable on your head.  Custom ordering one from your stylist will give you higher quality and perfectly blended hair.  Custom halo extensions can be made as thick or thin as desired along with a greater range of colors, highlights, lowlights, etc.

Good quality halo extensions are made with cuticle hair which can be Italian, European, Russian or Indian hair.  The key is having a reputable source who gently processes the hair keeping the cuticles intact. This will guarantee the client premium quality while using the extension.

Halo extensions are attached with an invisible wire without any clips pulling at the roots. The wire attached to the hair extension sits on your headlike a crown with your hair sectioned out around it to keep it secure. The ease of application and the simplicity of this extension makes it perfect for everyday use as well as for special events.

Halo is the best hair extension method for thin hair and lasts at least a year if treated properly and the hair is good quality. They are available in a variety of high-quality textures and colors at a great price.

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