Rely on Moroccan Carpet when you wish to procure an innovatively handmade attractive abstract rug originated in Morocco. All their ranges of Abstract Moroccan rugs are individually woven to beautify any home décor as possible. All the comprehensive range of vintage Abstract rugs includes traditional patterns, exceptional color, and shapes& sizes that best suit your preferences. The unique designed Moroccan CarpetTalsint-abstract Moroccan rugs come from far Berber communities in Atlas Mountain in Morocco. All of them are hand-woven into custom designs using an ancient knotting technique and pattern. With enormous patterns, designs, and colors, as well as weaver’s styles and tribe, each piece of abstract Moroccan rugs, are indeed an exceptional work of arts! The overall quality and novelty of our Moroccan rugs remain unbeaten!

Moroccan Carpet manufacture and collect abstract Moroccan rugs that are best known for its soft colors, geometric & animal patterns. It will ultimately bring a natural tribal look that people wish to have it in their home. Their hand-woven, natural wool-made Talsint-abstract Moroccan rugs are not only luxuriousbut are very soft to touch. If you want to add simple beauty and function to your home décor, then you can best go with Moroccan Carpet‘sTalsint-abstract Moroccan rugs. The Talsint-abstract Moroccan rugs they supply are always found in perfect condition and are the most beautiful and most elegant ones from this origin. Each of these abstract rugs tells a different story and striking richness.

Few words from Abdelghani Hammoud the owner of Moroccan Carpet; “We always stand for our brand that put together everything that makes our country so unique: a dynamic culture, passion for craftsmanship and richness in precious natural materials. We assure you that our rugs are excellently hand-crafted and ethically made with all-natural materials. We wish to share the insight into the wonders of our Berber rugs, including the abstract rugs with you. Also, we want to explain a bit more about each type of Moroccan rug that we stock. All our Moroccan abstract rugs are genuine and known for their innovative designs. All our abstract rugs are combined with exceptionally toned colors as well. They are available in different patterns but look equally good to fit in both customary and contemporary room settings. Our vintage woolen abstract rugs make you feel luxurious, particularly under bare feet in a bedroom or informal sitting room or snug. The lush, durable highland natural wool, silks, and wild nettles we are using are the finest in the world! You won’t find any two pieces based on the same design, and it is the prime feature of genuine Moroccan rugs. The luxuriously deep, soft, and fluffy wool piles are a true piece of art and something to be both treasured and enjoyed. Have a look at different styles, colors, and textures offered in our website https://Moroccan We strive to bring the trendy look to your house or apartment that it deserves.”

About the company

Moroccan Carpet is a Brand created in 2017 by an expert person of the third generation Moroccan Berber artisan family. They spent many years with the Berber people in Morocco; weave in-house designed rugs and source one-of-a-kind vintage rugs, including Abstract rugs for clients worldwide.