All California Lending has been helping to provide commercial hard money loans throughout California for all commercial property types. Commercial hard money loans are dependent on the underlying commercial property value – and usually do not require specific debt coverage ratios that they banks may require. Commercial hard money loans are also known as private hard money loans, bridge loans or no-doc loans and are one of the best ways to invest in commercial real estate projects that may not fit bank guidelines. Although these loans are short term and come with higher interest rates, hard money loans are granted quickly which makes them an excellent financing tool for real estate investors. While traditional loans are granted on the basis of the credit and financial history of a borrower – as well as income produced by the property – commercial hard money loans are based on the loan to value and equity in the property. It allows the borrowers who have projects that do not meet the traditional parameters of the banks and other financial institutions to obtain much needed funding quickly.

What makes All California Lending one of the top sources for California commercial hard money lenders unique is they specialize in providing commercial hard money loans throughout California. Moreover, there are no upfront fees and you can get the funding required to begin your project in a very short amount of time unlike traditional banks, financial institutions and lenders.

In today’s market, many commercial properties may have non paying tenants, current vacancies or lower than market rents.  In all of these situations, a hard money commercial loan can help with immediate financing needs.  This can allow the investor to reposition the property, increase rents and reduce vacancies to then obtain a long term bank loan.

All California Lending has been built on the mindset and foundation to support and assist investors to ensure everyone is capable of receiving lending or financing for their real estate projects and purposes. All the specialists working with All California Lending are proficient in investment loan structuring as well as finding creative and efficient ways of obtaining funding.  They pride themselves on offering customers a plethora of knowledge on commercial hard money loan programs.

“We offer a wide range of products to fit the needs of most commercial loan requests. We specialize in hard money loans, but also have institutional resources for your commercial transaction if the deal is right. Regardless of debt service for the property, credit scores of the principals or type of property, contact us to discuss your scenario. Each transaction is unique and we can accomplish a lot with a brief conversation about your situation and loan request.” – says a spokesperson at All Lending California

About the Company:

All California Lending is one of the best and most trustworthy sources of California commercial hard money lenders. They have been in the real estate lending business for many years, specializing in hard money lending for most of that time. It is due to this niche specialization that they are able to help so many of their clients. They understand the market and have relationships with many funding sources to help them obtain financing for even the most complicated transactions. For more information visit