Beauty Goddess is your one-stop online destination in the UK that brings together an extensive assortment of the best face, eye and lip products. They’re committed to offer beauty professionals and consumers the highest quality eyelash resources. They provide customers with exclusive Eylure Definition Lashes No 126 among their wide range of eye lashes.

Eyelashes frame your eyes. The long, beautiful and fluttering Eylure Definition Lashes will always make women jealous! If you aren’t so fortunate when it comes to eyelashes, these are your go to! We provide premier range Eylure Definition Lashes No126. Our false eyelashes add dramatic definition to your eye makeup. It is lightweight and curved to keep you comfortable while you wear them. “Our products are reusable, so you can keep your look bright and dramatic at every occasion!” says one of the beauticians at Beauty Goddess.

She again says “Proper execution of Eylure Definition Lashes is essential to get the maximum result. Here are our expert tips for applying Eylure Definition Lashes:

Pick the perfect eyelash:

Eylure Definition Lashes are available in all lengths & colours. They are available in complete strips, 3-quarter segments or individual clusters. Our comprehensive set of Eylure Definition Lashes in the UK offers both length and thickness that genuinely brings an incredible look to your eyes. It also needs less time to be applied and is ideal for filling out empty areas.

Pick your colour:

Our dark brown and black Eylure Definition eyelashes are ideal for regular use. You should take a little time to decide if you wish to have the fuller lashes or longer lashes or even both.

Get lash adhesive:

The lash adhesives we offer are of premium quality and are available in different varieties, including white and black.  We suggest white lash adhesives for beginners as they can dry faster and look clear and brighter.

Trim it if necessary:

We know that one size doesn’t suit all, and the eyelashes probably require a little trimming before using them. You can hold your falsies against your eyelid to measure if they are too large for your eyes. If it seems a bit long, then trim them with the help of scissors.

Take your applicator:

Carefully use a pair of tweezers or eyelash applicator or even your fingertips to apply it on your eyes. Make sure to be gentle with your eyelashes so that they will last.

Put on lash adhesive:

Applying adhesive to false lashes can be messy if you are not careful. Apply the adhesive on the lash strip, ensuring you get a good exposure on the ends of the lash band as this is where they tend to come off first. Leave about ten seconds prior to applying. This permits the adhesive to get everywhere evenly, so your eyelashes will stick better.

Putting on your lashes:

Well, this is the trickiest part of all! Keep in mind this is not a competition, so take it slow. Make use of a magnifying mirror to observe if the lash band requires any move to any side. Bring down the lash band to put it on top of your natural eyelashes. It will look better the closer you get to your natural lash line.

Set your false lashes in place:

As soon as you place the false eyelash on top of your natural lashes use your fingertips to fasten it down onto your real lashes.

Fill out the spaces:

If you notice any gap between your fake and real lashes, fill out the areas with liquid eyeliner. It will give them a more natural look.”

About Beauty Goddess:

Beauty Goddess is your one-stop online destination for an exclusive range of fashion and natural eyelashes and more. Contact them for any kind of Eylure Definition Lashes that suits your style and personality.