balloon safari

In any situation, hot air balloon trips are thrilling. However, a hot air balloon safari above the Masai Mara National Reserve is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Drunken Elephant Mara offers Masai Mara balloon safari for avid travelers & prides itself on its team’s sharp attention to detail and exceptional level of service. They encourage individuals who enjoy the unexpected to Masai Mara to experience a different kind of adventure.  Each of their Kenya Masai Mara hot air balloon safari itineraries is crafted and customized to your needs. There’s nothing quite like a hot balloon safari. For avid travelers, their tailormade Masai Mara balloon safari could be a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. Drunken Elephant Mara can also arrange private hot air balloon safaris in Masai Mara for multi-families and small groups during the bush holiday, and a discounted rate may be available depending on your month of travel.

Flying over the Masai Mara plains in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience. Drunken Elephant Mara organizes several Masai Mara hot air balloon safaris daily. It could be a chance to enjoy the journey during any safari to Maasai Mara. During the journey, you will be able to glide silently over the savannah grasslands below, where you may see a variety of species.  The hot air balloon safari in Masai Mara Kenya is a most demanding safari activity and has limited space. Drunken Elephant Mara pre-arranges your Masai Mara hot air balloon safari trip. Their representative ensures guaranteed availability of Kenya Masai Mara hot air balloon even if it is limited. The hot air balloon flight will last for an hour. It will give you a unique experience that will last a lifetime. It is very much worth its high price. Masai Mara balloon safari is highly recommended for adventurous travelers that plan to stay at the reserve for a few days and have time for this activity along with your other safari activities.

balloon safari

“We work with a philosophy to keep our clients happy and let them discover what they desire. Sustainable tourism is at the heart of our business, and we have a deep commitment to protecting and preserving the destinations we include in your safari itinerary! We feel that the most memorable vacation is immersing and away from the throng.  For those seeking to explore pristine landscapes, and discover unique offerings enthralled by the Great Migration, enormous herds of wildebeests, and zebras. We’re going to reveal the secrets to seeing the world in a new and better light. We can customize your travel experience around your interests. We offer Masai Mara balloon safari itineraries that connect you to the flora & fauna of the area but in a unique way. Safety is a top priority to our hot air ballooning crew! If the weather isn’t cooperating, your flight may be canceled.  We will schedule it for a later flight if possible. Your money will be reimbursed if this is not an option. We look forward to bringing you a high-quality, personalized tour of your destination area” Says a spokesperson for Drunken Elephant Mara

balloon safari

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Drunken Elephant Mara is a leading safari operator who organizes numerous safari itineraries including the Masai Mara balloon safari at the best price for avid travelers.


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