If you want to implement an efficient guard tour for your organization? Then use Deggy to improve your company’s security.

Advanced reports, real-time statistics, tour graphs, automatic emailing, and other features are available through their guard tour system. Through a simple web interface, their AI-based security patrol solution overcomes all of the above issues. It allows facility managers to review data in real time and export multiple reports. All data can be accessed with date range and status filters. With the Deggy security patrol system all scheduled, overdue, missed, passed, and failed scans can be reviewed in real-time. It means your patrolling guards are now becoming the “guard online”! The Deggy security patrol system enables you to inspect scheduled tours innovatively. Ultimately it will eliminate the ambiguity in the work processes.

Deggy security patrol system solutions have empowered an array of companies not just in the security industry but in various fields. With dedicated service and state of art security patrol systems, they increase customer satisfaction. The clients will achieve the accountability of their employees on duty and & keep their space safe. Deggy strives to create solutions & try to achieve high customer satisfaction. It will further fuel them to continue to evolve and develop the best for clients. They can provide a comprehensive system design service, as well as on-site training & commissioning, with their fully experienced technical support team. They have a dedicated team that is happy to support your purchase. Their experienced support professionals are happy to assist with any hardware or software-related issues.

“We can assist you if you are concerned about your organization’s security system and are searching for a more effective yet cost-effective solution. Our security patrol system is a magical product that is loaded with state-of-the-art technologies and software. The AI-based guard tour package we offer is a comprehensive tool that provides real-time updates about incidents and events. Our AI-based security patrol system is an innovative product that has been completely redesigned to offer an entirely new level of flexibility to your workforce management. It will surely maximize efficiency while maintaining the symbol’s simplicity. We offer in the market is renowned for its reliability, simplicity, and professional software integration. If you are looking for a guard tour system that will strengthen the security system of your organization then opt for our latest Ai based security patrol system. We use innovative technology to accomplish our basic aim. We also provide a no-cost remote technical support facility, to assist with commissioning, identifying any problems remotely, and providing additional support if required. We always want to hear how we can better help you. If you are looking for the best guard tour system in the market, then you should look no further than our security products.” Say a spokesperson for Deggy!

About the company

Deggy is a well-known security company that uses cutting-edge technology to achieve its goal of being the most dependable and long-lasting guard tour provider on the market. Their AI-powered security patrol system can be used in practically any commercial setting.