Deggy connects you with tools to help you succeed. The new Deggy Control guard tour software they bring into the market is completely redesigned. It will be offering a whole new level of flexibility to maximize efficiency while maintaining the simplicity of use. Count on Deggy as they give their latest guard tour products that take you in the right direction. They provide the most accurate & effective AI-based guard tour system specifically designed for the security industry. They focus on increasing the visibility, productivity, and competitiveness of security companies. It is a real-time security guard reporting tool that allows users to report incidents with ease. The personnel scans checkpoints placed on sites and assets, and any incidents and events are reported to the monitoring centre in real time.  Dishonest or scam is not an easy thing to do with the Deggy guard tour system.

Track, Manage, and Schedule guard tours in real-time remotely with Deggy guard tour system. Deggy is backed by professional staff & software experts who work together to create innovative products and ideas geared toward your evolving needs. They offer a wide range of innovative and flexible guard tour products that enable clients to apply in a wide range of applications such as general data collection, substantiating work records, time & attendance, guard patrol monitoring, record keeping, reporting, and much more things. With their fully skilled technical support team, they can also provide a comprehensive system design service, as well as on-site training and commissioning. The reviews about Deggy from real buyers validate their promise and product performance.

“We are dedicated to finding the most appropriate but client-specific guard tour solutions for your staff and assets.We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that are built with the most up-to-date technologies and backed up by excellent customer service. We help you find the right guard tour software and plan for your business. Feel confident with the most comprehensive guard tour software we bring before you. We get paid by clients because we help them to tackle their challenges. We aim to fix your security & reporting-related issues, regardless of the situation. Our products are suitable for a wide range of assets and structures, including departments, locations, and warehouses, as well as transportation hubs, airports, retail, and distant sites. We keep all under total control and it is helpful for the facility managers and staff to handle a bunch of information for any client just from one location. We work hard and wish to be the remaining most reliable and durable guard tour provider on the market. We must think and act ethically, no matter what you seek from our team.” Say a spokesperson for Deggy.

About the Company

Deggy is a leading name and symbol of reliability in the security industry. They use innovative technology to accomplish their purpose of being the most consistent guard tour provider on the market. For more information, visit