As far as hair extensions are concerned, today you’ve so many options to choose from.  Halo hair extensions – a relatively new player in the hairstyling game – has taken the industry by storm in the temporary hair extension category! In the last few years, it has gained huge popularity not just among celebrities but everyday people as well.

Halo extensions are a method of hair extensions that are not attached to your own tresses. Instead, it utilizes the natural shape of your head and sits comfortably on your head like a crown with a concealed wire.  Then, your real hair sits on top of the halo to hold it in position. This is contrary to most other types of extensions that are attached to your natural hair in some way. Since halo extensions don’t affix to your real hair, they can’t damage it in any manner. In most cases, they can be put on inside a few minutes or less which makes them very fast compared to other types of extensions that need thirty minutes to several hours. The halo is extremely comfortable to put on and lays flat.

“Now you can get heavenly hair in minutes with the best halo hair extensions in NYC. Being the best hair extensions salon in NYC, we offer Halo hair extensions that are custom made to perfectly fit your head and of course match your hair color. Regardless of your hair type – silky straight, fine. wavy, naturally curly, or somewhere in between – we have the best halo hair extensions for you. Our halo extensions can add instant length and volume giving you luscious locks in no time. If properly maintained these extensions can last at least one year or even more. “Clients who have very thin hair and can’t risk permanently attached methods will definitely benefit from our custom-made halo hair extensions,” said a spokesperson of Custom Hair By Catherine.

About the company:

Custom Hair By Catherine is an NYC based beauty salon that specializes in a wide range of custom hair extensions including hand-tied sew-in, halo hair extensions, tape-in extensions, and clip in’s.