Custom Hair By Catherine is a leading name in the hair extension industry, providing custom made hair extensions to look and feel like your natural hair. Different hair extensions methods may be used separately or combined with each other to add fullness and length to your natural hair. These hair extension methods insure no to minimal damage if maintained properly.

Quality and proper care of hair extensions are paramount, if you want to have them last a long time. Now, Custom Hair By Catherine is offering ponytail hair extensions in NYC. They are custom made with quality European, Italian or Indian human hair. They are sized properly to fit around your ponytail so that they won’t slide off and your natural hair blends in.

With ponytail hair extensions, you can make the density thinner for a natural look or thicker for a big and bold look. No matter which look and feel, they are made with top quality 100% human hair. Ponytail hair extensions available at Custom Hair By Catherine last longer and match your color, style and texture. In addition, you can try out a high ponytail, low ponytail, bun, up-do, or chignon.

Whether you want to create a sleek look for a big night out or have something quick and easy for every day, ponytail hair extensions work really well. You can check out Custom Hair By Catherine’s video on how to attach ponytail hair extensions. The hair color is chosen to blend with your natural hair for a perfect match. You can add any color including highlights, low lights or ombre.

“At Custom Hair By Catherine, we aim to provide you with an extensive selection of hair extensions in NYC including ponytail hair extensions. Our custom-made hair extensions are specifically made and designed to fit your personal situation. No matter what type of hair extensions you prefer, they are made to look and feel real. If you want to purchase a custom-made ponytail hair extension, contact Custom Hair by Catherine to schedule a complimentary consultation.  [email protected] or 917-482-6493.