Out of such a wide range of hair extensions available, picking the perfect and best hair extension method can be a daunting task. From hand-tied sew in hair extensions, tape-in extensions, and even ponytail or Halo hair extensions, Catherine will find the perfect solution specific to your needs and desires. You can trust Custom Hair by Catherine will give you the precise hair volume and style you’ve always dreamed of. There are several innovative techniques used to add length and fullness to your existing hair. Custom Hair by Catherine also provides custom-blended hair extension methods and designs them to match perfectly, sized to fit your head, and meet your specific hair extension needs.

People see Custom Hair by Catherine as one of the most experienced hair extension Salons in NYC. Custom Hair by Catherine creates hair extensions from top quality, 100% human hair and used to add length, volume, and color. They are the safest and most natural professional hair extension specialists. No matter what kind of hair you wish you had, they always recommend the best hair extension solution that will work best for your individual situation.

A few words from Catherine for Custom Hair by Catherine, “Stunning and flawless hair extensions will never be found at your local store! You don’t have to fork over a fortune either.  We provide an exclusive range of semi-permanent and permanent hair extension solutions for your hair care needs. Many hairdressers are selling one type of hair extensions for every client.  We see hair extensions as a solution guided by each individual situation.  We help you find the best hair extension solution so you stop hating your hair.

We believe crafting perfection is only as good as the materials you start with. All of our offerings begin with premium quality 100% Authentic natural cuticle Hair that is handpicked and goes through a rigorous process from collecting to coloring. We ethically source only the best hair to ensure that all our hair extension products are of the highest quality. We work with a belief that no woman should look in the mirror and say anything to herself other than, “Perfect.” Do you need assistance? We’re always available to answer your questions or concerns. You are our #1 top priority!”

About the Company

Custom Hair by Catherine is founded to provide the best hair extension methods and create a hair experience that transcends beauty. They’ve been helping women worldwide achieve the perfect hair!