All California Lending is specialized in lending hard money and commercial loans. We have contact with a wide variety of funding sources so that we can get financing, even for the most complex transactions. If you are worried about privacy due to the alternative nature of this funding there is no need to be concerned. All California Lending makes sure that the privacy of clients and visitors is maintained. Many years of experience in this field have made All California Lending a safe choice for San Francisco hard money lenders.

Hard Money Lenders San Francisco: All California Lending has helped many clients for close to two decades by providing hard money loans. We are situated in the San Francisco Bay Area but can provide financing help to the entire state of California. We have relationships with many investors in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has helped our clients by having a wide variety of resources for hard money lending.

All California Lending has varied types of hard money loans for varied types of client requirements and situations. We have some aggressive loans that will finance up to 80% loan to value. These loans will go up to 80% for purchase and refinance transactions as well. In addition, we have access to 30 year fixed hard money loans. These long-duration loans can be secured by residential and commercial properties. The leverage point on these types of loans ranges between 70-75% depending on the type of property. These particular types of loans are at a fair price concerning the rate and cost. We can provide a first position loan along with seconds and thirds. For investors in need of working capital, these hard money seconds and thirds are very appropriate. You don’t need to replace an existing loan with good terms for a new loan when in need of additional capital. These loans will allow you to keep your existing loans in place.

In addition to all of these loans, we can also help you out with unique situations or property types. As we are located in San Francisco we have contact with many local hard money lenders and they give us more flexibility to structure loans that may be outside other hard money lender guidelines. Whether it is for rehab, construction, land, commercial, residential, multi-family or unique property, we can assist.

All California Lending aims to provide clients the financing help they need. We try to process the hard money loan as quickly as possible.

You can contact us anytime to discuss your transaction. We are always ready to help and happy to discuss your specific loan scenario and options we can provide.

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