Reputable establishments like hotels, coffee shop, restaurant, and a bar are going to need a highly performing ice machine. Regular consumer electronics shops do not sell them because of less demand. The most appropriate way to solve this problem is to purchase an ice maker or relying on a trusted company like BenMatt Refrigeration, which sells ice cube machines in Kenya. The ice cube machines they supply for sale in Kenya are automatic, fast, and smart machines. The ice cube machines they sale can produce different sizes and shapes of ice cubes for your specific needs, and its operations are super easy as well.

BenMatt Refrigeration offers a better prospect for the sale of ice cube and ice cream machines in Kenya. They are the best place and online store to buy an ice cube machine in the Kenyan market. Choosing the right ice cube machines for sale in Kenya is not as easy as it may look. BenMatt Refrigeration can help you select the most appropriate commercial ice cube machines to depend on your business capacity. They offer you a list of best commercial ice cube machines for sale in Kenya. You may choose the right one that fits best for your requirements. BenMatt Refrigeration supplies different types of commercial ice machines for sale in Kenya. Some of them include modular or ice machine heads, under-counter ice machines, countertop ice dispensers/makers, and combination ice/water machines, which are currently the top favorites of buyers in Kenya.

“No bars, restaurants, coffee shops will not go to work properly if it will not be able to provide enough ice for drinks they offer! We supply and sell the best commercial range of ice cube machines in Kenya. We are supplying a high-quality ice cube machine made up of stainless steel to make it rust-resistant. It is completely automatic and takes 12 to 18 minutes to complete the ice cycle. Hence clients love to have our products. All our Ice Cube Machines come with fully loaded features, and all of them have low maintenance features as well. We present our self as one of the leading manufacturers of Ice cube machine supplier in Kenya. Also, we can deliver our Ice cube machine to any corner of the country with satisfactory customer reviews. So why are waiting, visit our website or contact us online! All our commercial ice cube machines are absolutely perfect and are cost-effective.” Say a spokesperson for BenMatt Refrigeration.

About the company
BenMatt Refrigeration ( is an association of professionals who have come together to beat the competition in the refrigeration sector in Kenya. They have 15 years’ experience in the industry and pride to take care of all your ice cube machine need and all its maintenance.