Dubai, 21st Mar 2022 – Celebrated for its splendid skyline & massive shopping malls, Dubai also has so much on offer when it comes to electrifying escapades & adventures. The emirate has innumerable avenues to enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities. One very popular option is parasailing in Dubai, where you get to relish remarkable sights of the Arabian Sea while savoring the thrill of being up in the air. The excitement of parasailing mounts up to manifold times when practiced in the midst of sparkly sand beaches, glittering blue water and bird’s eye view of Dubai like never before.

The best thing about parasailing is that you can relish the adventure solo or in a group. The activity involves being strapped to a harness with the speedboat. Once the boat accelerates, you’ll slowly rise into the air through a parachute.  Though being lifted off the ground surely sounds frightening, but not to be worried. The rope will be latched securely, and once you’re up, the sights are quite unbelievable.

“Our complete range of Dubai parasailing packages are tailor-made to infuse excitement of the highest level while providing you with the safest parasailing experience ever. You will board on a safe & well-maintained boat to get onto the sparkling Arabian waters and hooked to your parasail to enjoy a ride like never before. The cost of parasailing in Dubai with us is very reasonable that encompasses a 10-15 minutes of parasailing and twenty minutes of ride on a boat. You can always call us to find a Dubai parasailing package that best fits your budget” said a spokesperson for Beach Riders Dubai.

About the company:

Beach Riders Dubai is a well-established Dubai-based marine and water sports company that specializes in activities like jet skiing, speed boating, deep sea fishing, adventure boat ride, parasailing, and so many other water based activities in Dubai.