Commercial lending is a complicated process that is very far removed from residential or personal lending. These are loans that are written to businesses for a host of reasons. Generally it revolves around expansion or securing property for a business.

Commercial lending is different from personal or residential lending in several ways. The lending process is also different from personal or residential loans. With this type of lending the documentation required is different. For example, business profit and loss statements as well as income statements for the property if it is income generating may be required. Other information may also be required that would not be requested to write a personal or residential loan.

Commercial lending is the only way that some businesses can grow. It’s offered from many different avenues, it’s a difficult process to navigate but is well worth it in the end for the business owners. Finding a competent commercial lender in California is the most important part of getting a good deal.

“As one of the most reputable California commercial lenders we take pride in our flexible commercial lending programs with competitive rates & efficient loan processes. We offer innovative lending products to family offices and investors for income properties, line of credit, and asset-based lending. We can finance for a wide range of properties including residential, multifamily, office and retail. We offer fixed & adjustable rate financing secured by all types of income-producing properties. You can also rely on us for offering financing for acquisition, refinancing, new construction or rehabilitation of multifamily housing” said a spokesperson for All California Lending.

Our hard money loan can be a lifesaver for distressed properties, properties in need of repair or repositioning and/or properties with vacancies that do not debt service. We can help acquire properties that do not fit with a bank because of income or condition. We also can refinance properties with the same problems.

About the company:

All California Lending is a boutique financing company that provides access to creative capital for business & commercial real estate transactions. They have been in the real estate lending business for several years, specializing in hard money lending for most of that time.