Are you in the market to buy land? Land can be very expensive.  At the same time, land loans can be difficult to obtain.  Many lenders simply will not make land loans in California.  Most banks and institutional lenders prefer to lend on fully improved property.  Many of the institutions making loans on land currently are very specialized.  That leaves many land buyers searching for the financing they need to acquire land.

There’re basically 2 types of California land loans that are being underwritten & funded in today’s market. Seller financing or hard money land loans.  These are really the only two sources for money in 2020 and the foreseeable future. A traditional bank may consider lending on land only if the borrower is extremely strong financially, meaning excellent FICO scores, strong liquidity, high net worth, and tons of experience.  Additionally, the banks making these loans are typically specializing in only specific types of land – or are local community banks lending only in the local areas they service.  If you’re not willing or able to qualify for bank financing or the owner isn’t willing to finance the debt on their own, your other option is a hard money land loan.

“While several lenders don’t make loans on land, we have access to funds for land loan transactions in California. We have access to both institutional and private funds and can help with your land finance request on both small lots & large acreage, alongside improved & unimproved property. We strive to offer you the service you require, including quick closing loans on property that government-backed lenders may not be able to help you with” said a spokesperson for All California Lending.

When working with us you’ll feel confident in the knowledge that our principals & executives have in real estate lending. We work with borrowers nationwide & offer competitive rates for our California land loans. We individually structure transactions to suit the exact needs of the borrower, and we can provide lending options that are unique from other lenders. If you’d like more info about hard money land loans, feel free to connect with us.

About the company:

All California Lending is a California based company specializes in hard money lending and commercial loans.They’ve been in the real estate lending business for many years, specializing in California hard money loans.