Whether you have been through a foreclosure in recent years or want to buy an unconventional property to turn into a dream house, finding financing can be a real struggle. Even competent borrowers can find it tough to secure the loans that they need in order to buy residential properties in today’s market. For investors & borrowers who don’t fulfil traditional lending requirements, finding financing might even seem impossible. Luckily, hard money loans are a practical option for residential buyers with unique needs.

Residential hard money loans in California can be used in a wide variety of buying situations. Some assume that these types of loans are only meant for those with poor credit, but that simply isn’t true. While private financing can be a great option for buyers with damaged credit histories, they are also used when: Buyers want to turn non-conventional properties into homes, homes don’t meet the requirements of FHA lenders, conventional lenders are unable or unwilling to finance fix and flip loans, and buyers need to finance purchases quickly.

Whether you wish to buy a distressed property or wish to get back on track after a foreclosure, a private financing might be an excellent choice. With careful, advanced planning, a residential hard money loan in California can provide for an excellent return on investment.

“Residential hard money loan is our speciality and we can help finance your residential hard money loan request in the majority of locations all through the state of California. We offer quick financing solutions to borrowers who need quick capital for their real estate projects and who wouldn’t normally qualify for a loan from conventional lenders. Our funding system is one of the fastest in the industry & the state. Our hard money lending experts are always in the loop with each loan and will provide help and knowledge at every step of the way. Rest assured that we will handle your application & the whole loan process efficiently, effectively and diligently” said a spokesperson for All California Lending.

About the company:

All California Lending is an established, California based hard money lending unit with a primary goal of helping clients acquire the needed private funding for their particular real estate financial situation.