All California Lending offers a simplified hard money lending process to real estate investors.

A hard money loan refers to a specific type of loan. These are loans that are secured by real property. Typically they are short-term bridge loans meant to fill a specific need where an exit strategy is in place. Usually the exit is the sale of the property or a refinance of the property into a more traditional, long term product.They are often used for investment based real estate transactions, such as fix and flip deals, construction projects or commercial projects where the property is not generating market cash flow. The hard money lenders in Los Angeles are not banks, but rather private individuals, groups, firms and funds.

To stay alive in today’s difficult economy, business owners & real estate investors often turn to non-conventional lenders to secure financing for operating expenditures or property purchase. Non-conventional lenders have emerged as a great alternative for many since they provide loans with lesser restrictions & more flexible lending terms than conventional lending institutions.

Hard money loans are made outside of the traditional banking world. While the funding for those sorts of loans usually comes from private sources, the lenders are licensed, regulated & specialize in working with private borrowers, business owners and real estate investors. Like private money lenders, hard money lenders in Los Angles prioritize borrower equity over credit scores to make lending decisions.

“If you have decided hard money loan is the perfect fit for you, finding the right hard money lender in Los Angeles might be a big challenge for you. Whether it is your 1st or 100th property, we offer you the essential capital, tools, and support to successfully close your transaction quickly. Our streamlined technology transforms the once-hectic process to turn a hard money loan transaction into a seamless & easy experience. Our simple underwriting process is fast & transparent. We work directly with our clients to complete transaction funding fast and to craft a hard money program to suit your requirements. We have over a decade of experience in the hard money segment, and our relationships allow us to successfully fund even the most challenging transactions.” said a spokesperson for All California Lending.

About the company:

All California Lending is a renowned LA based lending institute that specializes in commercial lending, hard money lending and rehab lending.