Finding apartment financing California can be challenging. With lenders changing their criteria constantly getting the cash you require mightn’t be as simple as you might assume. If you’re in the market for an apartment building, follow these below listed tips to secure a commercial loan.

Apply with your business name:

Applying the loan under your business name can be quite advantageous. If you don’t have a business at present, it’s an excellent idea to get one now. Start a corporation or LLC for your property management business & approach it from that angle.

Instead of looking at your individual score the lender will look at the credit score of the company itself. If you’re a new business, try to create credit by starting a business account with a local merchant. Ensure that they report to the credit bureaus & then make a few purchases. Watch your credit rating grow by paying them off in time. This shows your lender that you don’t fall behind on your bills and they’re more likely to borrow you the money.

Seller financing:

When you’re looking for apartment building financing in California, ask if the owner is interested in seller financing. A large proportion of commercial property sales have some kind of owner financing element. Even if it’s only short-term, it’s better than having to be sanctioned by conventional procedures. If you can make them agree to a year or two of seller financing, it still offers you time to secure conventional financing with a working business model in place.

Some sellers are not shy of carrying the financing for a prolonged span of time. As long as they can manage the everyday operations of the business and avail a monthly earning from it, they’re satisfied. So, don’t ever hesitate to ask the owner for seller financing.

Get a partner:

If you’re new to investing & lack assets, getting a partner can be a great way to get started. This may prove to be useful when it comes to getting loan approval and making down payment.

Many lenders feel more at ease when they see an established business person as a partner for the project.

About the company:

All California Lending is a private lending institute specializes in hard money lending and commercial loans. They can help with apartment building financing as well.