19th June 2020, Charlotte NC

Successful food truck vehicle wrap design turns anyone’s head, earns engagement, gets remembered, and influences the client’s behavior within approximately 2 – 5 seconds. Fortunately, the creative process at 704 Wrap City makes the entire process easy to go from. If you need help achieving an eye-catching food truck vehicle wrap design for your vehicle(s), they are delighted to help you with providing complete new design services as well. If you have a design, they will gladly work with it and adapt to the things to meet with the layout and installation requirements of your specific food truck vehicle!

704 Wrap City produces top quality work and keeps you informed at every step of the way. They are a responsive, friendly, and helpful service provider that makes the premium quality food truck vehicle wraps designs adapted to vehicle type. Their team is happy to work with your design or work with you to create a new one. Their comprehensive quotes detail all items included in your project and highlight any potential contingencies surrounding your timeline and scope of work.

“Great food truck vehicle wraps and its designs happen when we got the best information about your brand, what you go to the sale, and communication priorities. Our creative team engaged in the process that allows us to prioritize what matters your business the most! Proper design, graphics, printing, and installation take planning from the very start of your job. We work with our in-house experienced graphic designers, CAD technology, superior printers, and expert vehicle wrap installers. Every step in the process is well managed and communicated. We provide our expertise upfront from the beginning, so everything goes without a hitch. We have experienced certified installers are trained on proper food truck vehicle wrap installation. We will produce the graphic only after confirming all the vehicle measurements. In most cases, we measure your vehicle in advance so that the graphics are already produced when you drop off your food trucks for installation. We will create the graphic only after confirming all the vehicle measurements. We can schedule the installation at your location or ours. It will ensure a high-quality wrap installation.” Say a spokesperson for 704 Wrap City.

About the company

704 Wrap City is a trusted printing service provider specializing in vehicle and fleet graphics that are suited best for specific types of vehicles and particular kinds of execution. They help you move your project through the process, on budget, and on time.

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